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Hard Floor Care Tips

15 July 2021

Helpful Hard Floor Care Maintenance Tips for Poor Gloss:

  1. Problem: Not enough finish on floor
    Solution: Scrub and rinse floor, apply finish
  2. Problem: Not enough time between coats
    Solution: wait 30-40 minutes between coats
  3. Problem: Coats are too thin
    Solution: Never fully wring finish mop
  4. Problem: Old, damaged, or overly porous floor
    Solution: Apply sealer first, then floor finish
  5. Problem: Cleaners
    Solution: Use appropriate or recommended cleaners according to directions.
  6. Problem: Dirt and sand
    Solution: Use entrance mats, dust, and mop often
  7. Problem: Improper rinsing before recoating
    Solution: After stripping, use flood rinses
  8. Problem: Burnishing pads are too aggressive
    Solution: Use proper pads for various jobs
  9. Problem: Floor temperature below 55⁰F
    Solution: On cold days, check floor temperature before applying finish
  10. Problem: Fans directly on finish while drying
    Solution: Point fans upward, away from floor