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Herbicide and Sprayers From Omaha Compound to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

31 August 2021

Athea Barren Herbicide


  • Powerful, long-lasting herbicide
  • Non-selective herbicide
  • Designed for use where control of all vegetation is desired.
  • Soil sterilant, offering a total kill with long-lasting residual action, so it is only recommended for non-cropland

* Four gallons per case

$ 52.00/GL

$ 166.40/CS

Athea Barren Herbicide

Solo Two Gallon Sprayer


  • Durable 24" poly wand and shut off valve assembly
  • 45" PVC hose
  • Easy to fill funnel top
  • Plastic adjustable spray nozzle included. TeeJet compatible
  • Large pump handle with a built-in wand retainer
  • Pressure relief valve

$ 28.50

solo two gallon sprayer

Solo Three Gallon Sprayer


  • Chemical resistant seals for applying harsh chemicals
  • Easy-to-fill funnel top can be removed to reveal a large, secondary opening for easy cleaning
  • 28" unbreakable wand with commercial shut-off valve
  • Five-nozzle assortment: plastic adjustable, flat fan, jet stream, hollow cone and brass fan nozzles for multiple spraying tasks
  • No-drip check valve eliminates nozzle drip after pressure is released 

$ 49.00

solo three gallon sprayer

Solo Backpack Sprayer


  • Impressive spray performance, two nozzles as standard
  • Clamping retainer for securing the spray wand 
  • Wide, padded and comfortable straps with strain relief
  • High-grade UV-stabilized plastics with ergonomic tank design 
  • Non-pressurized tank with inserted air chamber and level scale
  • Handle with ergonomically shaped finger grips

$ 149.00