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Our History

In 1924, Omaha Compound Company was founded by David Manvitz. In the beginning, Mr. Manvitz would sell the product during the day and return to the plant to manufacture the sweeping compound.  Soon cleaners and waxes were also manufactured and sold. Omaha Compound Company purchased other companies in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, which greatly expanded the company and added numerous janitorial sanitary supply products to the line. At one time, Omaha Compound Company also manufactured brushes and mops, but it was decided that it was more cost effective to distribute these products.

David Manvitz's son, Justin, began working full time at Omaha Compound Company in 1952 and succeeded his father as President in 1971 when David Manvitz passed away at the age of 73. Justin Manvitz's son, Todd, began working full time at Omaha Compound Company in 1978 thus becoming the third generation. Today, Todd is President, and his children, Alissa and David are working alongside him making them the fourth generation.

Omaha Compound Company is located in a 50,000 square foot building with 30 employees and covers Nebraska and the surrounding states and still continues to manufacture sweeping compound after 100 years. Omaha Compound Company manufactures and distributes approximately 3,000 products.